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City Youth FC Supports the Rainbow Laces campaign

The club is proud to announce a new social media initiative we’re running this December in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign run by StonewallUK.

The rainbow laces campaign was created to encourage acceptance of the LGBT+ community in football as well as all other sports. It has received strong support from professional leagues and clubs, with all premier league sides showing support in matches this weekend with rainbow corner flags, laces, captains armbands & more. TV coverage providers such as Sky Sports are also doing their bit to support the campaign.

Stonewall was founded in 1989 by a small group of people who had been active in the struggle against Section 28 of the Local Government Act.


In 23 September 2003, they were granted charitable status (Charity Registration Number 1101255).

Stonewall receives no core government funding and funds are instead raised in a variety of ways including donations, sponsorship and fundraising events.

The club is going to donate £2 to Stonewall for every picture we’re sent on social media supporting the campaign. Pictures can include rainbow laces or other apparel, it can be on the pitch or off the pitch!

The campaign will run for all of December, with a maximum possible donation of £500 being achievable.

Links to the posts are below:





City Youth would like to show that grassroots and non league clubs can have just as large an impact on campaigns such as this that have an affect at all levels of the game, whether it be professional or amateur, adult or youth.

We hope to see many involved in the club join in with the initiative, hopefully extending the reach of the scheme around the local area and even around the country!


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