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City Youth Training Slots Allocation for 2018/19

The following information will explain how St Albans City Youth FC managers should go about obtaining a training slot for next season (2018/19).

The club are arranging training slots for season 2018/19 to allow for better long-term planning and new team development, as well as better linking between development sessions and the creation of some new community-based sessions, whilst giving current teams flexibility in training days/times.
Slots are across next seasons two venues, Nicholas Breakspear Astroturf, and the Samuel Ryder Academy AstroTurf.

Please reply by email to When replying, please title your email your team age group and name (as of next season) & provide as many slot preferences as you want. (I suggest giving me at least 2 or 3).

As explained at the managers meeting on Sunday 6th May 2018:

                U7s/8s – New teams have Wednesday 5-6pm already reserved.

                U9s, 10s & 11s – You can apply for 5-6/6-7pm.

                U12s – You can apply for 6-7/7-8pm

                U13s, 14s – You can apply for 7-8pm

                U15s – You can apply for 7-8/8-9pm

                U16s, 17s, 18s – You can apply for 8-9pm

You can choose any day of the week. Tuesdays will be given priority for girl’s teams. Slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. If you are U12 or below you will very likely be sharing, so it may be in your best interests to organise a share with a similar age group before replying.

If after most of allocations are made and there are spaces which suit you better/any logical shuffles they will be arranged and explained at the time.

If you have/want to have your own training venue elsewhere organised that is fine, but please do let Laurence know.

Once you have replied, Laurence will confirm all details provisionally, then confirm once again when all allocations are made.

*Please note, the email address you send from will be used to help collect some other details about your team, which I will explain in my reply.

If you have any questions please ask, Laurence (


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