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City Youth FC Girls Tournament Report 2017


The STACY Girls Sided Football Tournament took place at Highfield Park last Sunday, May 21st at the age groups were 7's, 8's, 9's, 10's, 11's, 12, and 13's and around 140 goals were scored on the day in an exciting day of football. 


After players names, goals they scored are in brackets.

We start with the 7's and there were five teams in the group and they were Stevenage, Garston Ladies and Harpenden Colts whilst there were two teams from STACY Girls named North and South. It was a non-competitive festival and all the girls will receive a medal for taking part.

Playing for the South team were Jessica Reeve, Martha Betteley, Mia Keat, Siena Sahota, Sacha Davies( 2), Olivia Wood( 2) and Jasmine Mercer(5).

In the North squad were Alexa Johnson(1), Isla Keeping, Charlotte Luckhurst, Demi Hall(1), Sophie Bridge(1), Matilda Flynn and Naiya Sookramamen.

We now switch to the 8's and they had two groups of 5 teams and once again it was a non-competitive festival with all the girls receiving a medal each.

In the 1st group were Hitchin Belles, Ware Youth, Garston Ladies Tigers and Hemel Hempstead Town B with of course a team from STACY named North.

The North squad are as follows, Chloe Freedman, Verity Lobina, Sophie Beale, Olivia Beale(3)), Madeline Phillips, Amy Hargreaves, Maisie Taylor, Poppy Neill, Teghan Attwell(1) and Shea Fagan.

In the 2nd group were teams from Hitchin Belles White, Garston Panthers, Garston Ladies Pumas and Hemel Hempstead Town A plus STACY Central.

The Central squad consisted of Lauren Viney(1), Alicia Gibson(2), Amy Gunn(3), Isabella Scully(1), Matilda Stuart, Cordella Snelling, Aolfe Flanagan, Maya Deans(1), Mia Di Trolio(1).

On to the 9's and there were six teams in that group with Hitchin Belles having two teams A and B, Herts Girls, Garston Pumas, Evergreen FC plus one STACY team.

Playing for the 9 Girls were Sophie Birkett(1), Emma Bracey, Gabby Bradley, Laila Brown(4) Olive Jones, Rebecca Smith, Zia Terywell, Scarlett Robb(3), Bailey  Kilner and Grace Gauthier. 

Moving on to the 10 Girls saw the STACY have three teams taking part in one group and they were South, West and North with the other teams being Harvesters North and Berkhamsted Raiders Meteors.

We start with the North and playing for them were Ruby Littlechild, Lauren Reeves, Georgina Blandford, Purdy Brooks, Poppy Mantain, Evie Cussans(1), Annaialise Moss and Talia Joseph(4).

Next, we have the South and in their team were Emillie Hicks, Marina McCullen, Caitlin Adair, Alicia Moss, Anna Cox(1), Violet Shepherd, Mayia Elliott and Maisie Francis.

Onto the West squad and they were Freya Elliott, Hannah Pope(2), Scarlett Mills(1), Ebba Taylor-Pugh, Amy Reeves, Florence Tatlock(1), Stella Eklad-Piscitelli and Erin Mill.

After the young Girls, Football Festival saw every girl presented with a Medal and presenting these were Sarah Kropman, Louise Shepherd, Jo Shepherd and Terry "Tezza" Edwards.

In the 11's, 12's and the 13's Girls Festival saw the first two age groups split into two groups with the winners of each group going to play each other in the final whilst the two runners-up in each group play for 3rd and 4th place.

In Group A saw teams from Potters Bar Crusaders, Watford Ladies, Herts Girls FC A, Berkhamsted Raiders, Ware Rangers and STACY North.

Watford Girls won Group A by three points from Ware Rangers Red and so go on to play in the final against the winners of Group B.

In Group B there were seven teams and they were Herts Girls B, Chorleywood Common, Harpenden Colts, Garston Ladies Wildcats, Hitchin Belles Blues, Ware Rangers White and STACY South.

Chorleywood Common won Group B by one point from Garston Wildcats and so go on to play Watford Ladies in the final whilst Garston Wildcats go and play Ware Rangers Red for 3rd and 4th place.

In the final saw, Watford take first place with a 3-0 win over Chorleywood Common whilst Ware Rangers Red finished in 3rd place with a 1-0 victory over Garston Ladies Wildcats.

Goalscorers for Watford Ladies during the tournament were Macey Bannerman-Lloyd 3, Millie Elwood 2, Hanna Rostek 2, Olivia Brook and Megan Schofield.

For Chorleywood, the goals were scored by Katie West 5, Mathilde Boloou 2 and Daisy Beesening. 

In the 3rd spot goals for Ware Rangers Red for the tournament were tucked away by Liv Brant 2, Evie Martin and Ella Cripps whilst for Garston Ladies Wildcats the goals came from Olivia Cole 3, Keira Rajkumar, Erin Magill and Ava Lewis. 

The players and scorers for the STACY South are Maisie Humphreys, Beth Watson, Miranda Gordon-Wares, Esme Bush, Ellie Langton, Emilia Fishwick, Grace McMurray 2 and Jemima Avery 1.

The STACY North scorers and players were Ruby Peacock, Beth Seller, Edda Scheving, Abbie Bierman, Elsa Leech, Sarah-Jane Spears, Jocelyn Rennie, Bella Cowan, Amelia Thompson 2 and Chloe Emmins 2.

The 12 Girls Festival of Football consisted of two groups of five teams and in  Group A were Kinja FC, Herts GirlsFC, Ruislip Rangers Clarets, Welwyn Pegasus A and STACY South.

Winners of Group A were Ruislip Rangers Clarets on goal difference from Kinja FC who go on to play for third and fourth place.

In Group B again there were five teams and they were Welwyn Pegasus B, Potters Bar Crusaders, Ruislip Rangers Blues, STACY North and Bury Rangers Girls.

The winners of Group B were yet another Ruislip Rangers team and this time it was their Blues squad whilst finishing in second spot were Potters Bar Crusaders and so in the final saw two teams from Ruislip Rangers.

So to the final which saw both Rangers teams play out a 0-0 draw and even after extra time there was still more goals added so they both decided to share the Trophy, well done to both teams to add a nice sporting touch to the finale.

In the 3rd and 4th place saw Kinja FC take third place with a 1-0 win over Potters Bar Crusaders.

The goalscorers for Ruislip Rangers Blues during the tournament were Krystal Folllett 4, Ellen Atkinson 3 and Roopjot Bath 2 whilst scoring for Clarets were Rie-Anna Both 2, Tessa McCarthy 1, Connie Malone 1 and Ella Cottrel 1.

Now for 3rd place Kinja and their goals were scored by Charlotte Sims 3, Campbell Lazar 1, Sophie Dionission 1, and Faustina Tavassoli 1 whilst for Potters Bar, their goals came from Olivia White 2 and Maya Shah 1.

Once again the hard working crew of Sarah Kropman, Louise Shepherd, Jo Shepherd and Tezza Edwards presented the Trophy and Medals to the winners and runners-up of the 12 Girls Tournament.

Both of the STACY teams finished in a mid-table position and so the players and then the scorers for the North were Olivia Pickersgill, Edith Shakespear, Ruby Tickner, Kiera Ward, Hope Hume, Grace Patrick 2, Esme Hume 2, Katie Leigh 1 and Tatyana Barton 1. Next, we move onto STACY South and playing for them were Lilly Morrissey, Caitlin Morley, Natalie Adams, Pippa Walker, Natasha Soll, Sophie Grant, Faine Harper, Kyla Fellows and Rosie Littlechild 1.

The last age group was the 13's and this was one just league consisting of six teams and they are Garston Ladies Leopards, Welwyn Pegasus, STACY Youth, Watford Ladies Harts A, Yaxley FC from near Peterborough and another Watford Ladies Harts squad named B.

Well, it was very close who was going to win the 13's Group but it was Garston who just pipped it by one point from Yaxley who lost only one match and that was to the unbeaten Garston Ladies Leopards but Yaxley could at least say that they scored 3 more goals than them. 

Garston Ladies Leopards squad and also scorers for the tournament, Arianna Gordon, Grace Coleman, Emma To, Ellen Harrison, Buss Mollay, Zoe Evans, Emily Rollinger 5 and Emma Green 2.

Yaxley FC squad and scorers for the tournament, Jess Hind, Circe Rodgers, Leah Hawkesworth, Renai Bennett 4, Callie Tancred 3, Daisy McGregor 1, Isabella Chaudhuri 1 and Erin Henderson 1.

The STACY Girls Blues finished in third place which is quite good and here is their squad and scorers, Nicole Plumb, Jessica Lees, Francesca Bradley, Georgia Stone, Elizabeth Roberts, Jasmine Price 1, Zoe Cowan 1, Caitlin Watkins 1 and Katie Hamm

Afterwards, the Trophy and the winner's medals were presented to the captain of Garston Ladies Leopards by Sarah Kropman, Louise Shepherd and Jo Shepherd and the runners-up Yaxley FC were also presented with their medals as well.

Well done to all the Coaches of every team who took part plus of course the players and especially the parents who came along to support and watch their children play., many thanks to you all.


Report by Terry Edwards



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