City Youth & Wheathamstead Wanderers Team Up to Support Disability Football

St Albans City Youth and Wheathamstead Wanderers have agreed to work together to increase the number of people playing Disability football in the District. Using the new, excellent AWP facilities in Wheathamstead they were able to put on the first ever Disability Football Festival in the village. The lads has a great time with a number of small sided matches being played on the "state of the art" facilities.

St Albans Coach Jack Swann said "We are hoping to attract 3 additional players that are needed to be able to run a third Disability team in St Albans".

A Wheathamstead Wanderers official said "The facilities really benefit our Club but it gives us great pleasure to see other Community groups taking advantage of the fine facilities."

A big thank you goes to Andy Ellis (The Wheathamstead AWP Project Manager) for making these fine facilities possible, also the Football Foundation and St Albans District Council for their support.

If you wanted to get involved in Disability Sport in the District and represent St Albans contact Dave at