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City Youth Coaches set up Local Futsal Leagues

City Youth Under 9's Futsal League


"Futsal Is More than Just A Game"


City Youth Coach Jabbil Chibwana tells the background story behind the setting up of the St Albans City Youth Under 9’s Futsal League. We began planning for the league in early December 2014. In order to promote futsal within the community we had to come up with a scheme and set up that would both intrigue local teams and help to get them involved! The League was established with the right foundations with Meetings and the election of League Officials thanks to help from St Albans City Youth FC. I also bounced a few ideas off of Matt Reveley and Adam Jones from Herts FA. Once all this was complete we were ready to go.  

I held two futsal introduction sessions, both were held at the Samuel Ryder Academy, a facility which has been supported by City Youth.  These sessions were aimed at attracting different clubs in Hertfordshire and to give them an insight into futsal. 

Both introduction sessions were successful, which resulted in attracting eight different teams from the Mid Herts & West Herts League:

St Albans X2
Everett Rovers
Tring Tornadoes


The sessions also attracted great feedback which resulted in further contact from the Herts FA and other local teams asking to take part in any future futsal related activities. 

With a lot of help from the club I was able to launch the league on the 23rd May running for a period of 8 weeks.  Games took place every Saturday at Sandringham Secondary School (Another local futsal venue).

Despite the large interest I was only able to accept 6 into the St Albans City Futsal League. Great thanks to: Harpenden Colts; Evergreen Youth; Everett Rovers; Tring Tornadoes and St Albans City x2. 

All 6 teams have grown fond of the game and developed nicely over the weeks.  The game tests players on intelligence, the size of the pitch and helps to enforce the players to use quick decision making. 

It's a beautiful game for the youth, the right way forward to develop grass roots players!

Jabbil Chibwana




City Youth Under 12's Futsal League

City Youth Coach Damien Johnston explains the background behind the City Youth Under 12 Futsal League.

Thanks to a surge in interest in this form of the game and a successful winter and early spring series of weekly friendly Futsal matches, Futsal is thriving at City Youth.

City Youth Coaches Jabbil Chibwana and Damien Johnston came up with the idea of inviting other Hertfordshire teams to take part in a friendly Friday evening Futsal League for Under 12’s. 

We set about organising the League by contacting teams who were involved in the County Futsal League and from our own respective divisions of the West Herts and Watford Friendly League. After receiving several expressions of interest we settled on the following teams for the first half of the summer term:

St Albans City Youth FC South/North

St Albans City Youth FC Central

Everett Rovers FC

FC Hemel

Stevenage Borough Juniors(replaced by Harvesters during the season)

Fc Hemel

We were also pleased to invite current Under 12 National Futsal Champions Hertford Town Woodside to replace FC Hemel for the final half term.

The objectives of the new Futsal League were simple with the sole focus being player development. It is our aim to expose a range of players to the benefits of futsal in order to make them technically better and more capable with the ability to be able to control and pass the ball in a tight space and the ability to make good decisions throughout an intense 30 minute match. 

Feedback from the teams involved has been positive with managers sharing emails and conversations with the organisers about how their player’s individual skill level and passing ability have improved. 

We have learned that you must be organised. Fixtures need to be communicated well and expectations regarding use of the venue need to be high and made explicit. It is essential that we have a good working relationship with the other teams and that teams invited need to have a similar ethos when it comes to the focus - player development. Most importantly we will be developing players from a range of clubs across Hertfordshire in a positive, relaxed environment. 

Damien Johnston




St Albans City Youth Football Club runs several Futsal sessions for boys and girls during the week as well as helping to support a local Futsal League.


Details of forthcoming Futsal sessions will be posted on this page.


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