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St Albans City Youth U14 Girls North - County Cup Final 2022


St Albans City Youth U14 Girls North

What a day! What an incredible experience the girls had on Saturday. All of the preparation, planning and delivery made it a very special day indeed, one that Paul, Andrew and I hope will live in the memories of the girls forever!

I was blown away with what an amazing job Andrew and Paul did preparing the dressing room with individual bags, personalised bottles, branded hangers and good luck cards signed by the parents - unforgettable!

I’d also like to thank Helen from PrivateFly for arranging a 'congratulations for reaching the final' goodie bag and of Gary for organising Anzen GK sponsorship for our fabulous goalkeepers.

I was so proud of how they all handled the occasion from start to finish. They looked so smart in their new tracksuits and anniversary shirts. Normally I would be saying to my players "play the game, not the occasion", however, with this match my instruction was to "love the occasion and then play the game".

The girls performed superbly and as their coach, I could not have asked for more, they gave me every last ounce of energy, grit, determination, desire and played some quite outstanding football. In every game you need that little bit of luck and our deserted us, however, when Watford scored their penalty, our players immediately went over to Evie and put their arms round her to comfort and give her their full support. It was at this moment that I knew who the real winners were. I was looking at them!

With the final whistle came the realisation that their day had not gone the way they would have dreamed. They had given everything and come away as runners up. On Saturday, they confirmed themselves to be the second-best team in Hertfordshire for their age group! Perhaps not the accolade they were after, but one hell of an achievement. I try to instil in the team that we win and lose with dignity, this is not always easy, but on Saturday they did exactly that.

What an amazing journey we have all been on. This day will live long in my memory as one of my proudest in my footballing career. I am so proud of these girls, they are an amazing TEAM! I absolutely love them all.