Presentation Day 2016


St Albans City Youth FC - The 45th Season

Mayor of St. Albans Councillor Francis Leonard

On Sunday 19th June at the Alban Arena St. Albans City Youth Community Football Club held their Annual Presentation Day with over 70 teams taking part. The club has grown to such a size that the Presentations are now split into three sessions.

Presentation Pictures now available


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Download this years Presentation Day Programme (PDF Format 14meg)

Session One

In the first session of presentations (Which marked the clubs 45th season) the awards were presented by St. Albans Deputy Mayor Councillor Gill Clark, the Club's Patron Councillor Annie Brewster and Club Trustee Brian Pyke. Also on stage were the St. Albans City first team captain Lee Chappell, England ‘C’ Team Manager Paul Fairclough, Youth Club Chairman Geoff Watts all assisted by City Youth’s Press Secretary Terry Edwards. Kicking off the day there was a short speech from Laurence Levy co-owner of St. Albans City FC.

The Hon. Secretary of City Youth Mr Ian Woods then got the proceedings underway starting with the Under 8 Girls before finishing the first session with the Under 10 Girls.

Player of the Year

U8 Girls (Joint) Emma Bracey and Laila Brown

U8 East Boys Samuel Philpot

U8 North Chris Datubo

U8 Orient Theo Hancock

U8 South Jacob Thomas

U8 West Daniel Berman

U9 Girls South Annalise Moss

U9 Girls North Amy Reeves

U9 Central Josh White

U9 Dragons Mattie Verdier

U9 East Tom Flower

U9 North Noah Butler

U9 Orient Albert Postema

U9 Arrows Max Butterworth

U9 Romans Sonny Phillips

U9 Saxons Sam Estell

U9 South Ben Pearman

U9 West Joshua Woodley

U10 Girls North Amelia Thompson

U10 Girls South Grace MacMurray

All the Players received a Club Pennant from Lee Chappell and Paul Fairclough.

Session Two

On stage were St Albans Deputy Mayor Gill Clark, Club Patron Annie Brewster, Sponsor John Smith (partner at Daniels Estate Agents), St Albans City FC player Darren Locke, Laurence Levey, Geoff Watts and Terry Edwards. Making the announcements was City Youth Hon Secretary Ian Woods.

Player of the Year

U10 Boreal Toma Tashev

U10 Central Carl Mason

U10 East Fred Hunter

U10 Orient Jack McDonald

U10 South (Joint) Jed Ejjayha and Finlay Evans

U10 Victoria Freddie Roe

10 West Alexei Rojas

U11 Girls North (Joint) Tatyana Barton and Caitlin Wheeler

U11 Girls South Jaime Curtain

U11 East Arjun Sansi

U11 North Finley Eames-Illingworth

U11 South George Beasley

U11 West Leo Tasheva.

U12 Girls Katie Ham

U12 North Andrew Gentle

U12 South Danny Fowler

U12 West Max Emmett

U13 Girls Katie Holder

U13 Central Alex Sommerbauer

U13 East Mustaqim Boksh

U13 North Diego Pazaran Butler

U13 Orient Oliver Gilmour

U13 South Sam Doidge

Next came the awarding of plaques to mark 100 appearances for the club to the following players; William Baynham, Jack Carmichael, Freddie Collins, Harvey Connor, Josh Doyle, Danny Fowler, Daniel Ludwig, Kit Rainford and Max Varney. These were presented by the Club's Patron Annie Brewster and John Smith of Daniels Estate Agents.

Session Three

The third and final session of City Youth 2016 Presentations saw on stage the Mayor of St. Albans Councillor Francis Leonard, Club Patron Councillor Annie Brewster, John Smith of Daniels Estate Agents, Geoff Watts, Brian Pyke, Laurence Levy, City Youth Trustee and Top Coach Sam Mardle and Terry Edwards. Once again Club Secretary Mr Ian Woods made the announcements.

Player of the Year

U14 Girls Nicole Lang

U14 East Luca Kershaw

U14 North Dan Banergee

U14 Orient Peter Rock

U14 West Scott Redshaw

U15 Girls North Eleanor Keating

U15 Girls South Lotty Nicholls

U15 East Demetrius Johnson

U15 North Jack Hughes

U15 South Joe Newton

U15 West Ben Atkin

U16 Girls North Isabelle Poole

U16 Girls South Kate Chamberlain

U16 Central (Joint) Jack Cummings and Harrison Gates

U16 East WFL Taylor Fennel

16 East WHYL Josh Dew

U16 North Will Sharp

U16 Orient Adam Purkiss

U16 South Omar Bounyafe

U17 West Charlie Lunnis

The Disability Squad Dennis Cranswick

U18 East Toby Weidmann

U18 Orient Stephen Heather

U18 Warriors (Joint) Theo Maher and Stuart Peet

U18 West Ellis Allen

After the Player of the Year Awards we now move on to the Plaques to mark 100 appearances for the Club and presenting them were Club Patron Annie Brewster and John Smith of Daniels Estate Agents.

So here are the names who received their plaques, Josh Ali, Hendrik Bockenhauer, Ryan Corcoran, Sam Day, Maddy Donaldson, Joe Gakkiford, Thomas Geller, Sophie Hegerty, Grainne Kellett, Joe Knee, Shaun Knighton, Jessica Levy, Rosie McGahan Joe Newton, Matthew Pollard, Joe Parrett, Francesca Rolfe, Adam Ransley, Ned Robinson, Chris Salmons, Matthew Stevens, Ollie Wakeling, Sam Waters-Rathjen, Harry Watts, Joe Weaver, joe Williams, Laurence Williams, Nia Williams and Kwame Youri.

Then came the plaques for 200 appearances for City Youth and once again Annie Brewster and John Smith presenting the plaques. Ellis Allen, Sam Cornmell, Taylor Finnegan, Lewis Glasscoe, Christopher Hubbard, Charlie Lunnis and Liam Murphy.

Report by Terry Edwards