Presentation Day 2018

Presentation Day 2018



Recently the 47th Presentation Day of the St. Albans City Youth F.C. for the season 2017-18 took place at the Alban Arena over 3 packed sessions and there was a long list of guests invited to this prestige event and they were the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of St. Albans Councillors Rosemary Farmer and Brian Gibbard respectively. Also, in attendance were Lord Tom McNally, the Clubs Patron Annie Brewster, Portfolio Holder for Sport and Culture, Mr Nick Perchard, Head of Community for the F.A. Premier League who also played over 200 games for the City Youth (including the odd goal or two), Mr Paul Fairclough Manager of the England Non-League team. Chairman of the Club Trustees Mervyn Morgan, fellow Trustees Ian Woods, Laurence Levy, Sarah Kropman, Geoff Watts and Lesley Wray. Finally, the Club's Press Secretary Terry Edwards organised proceedings at the fare end of the stage.


The Club as grown so much over the recent years with well over 90 teams (in total) which now means the Presentation Day must be spread over 3 sessions, (I can remember when we had only ten teams and I was still doing the reports then and it did not take long but now, wow!)


Well let’s get started with the presentations and we start with the Player of the Year and these were presented by the Mayor Rosemary Farmer (3rd session) and Deputy Mayor Brian Gibbard (1st & 2nd sessions) and now for the teams, 


Players of the Year




8 Girls Sacha Davies


9 Girls Central Lucy Hosty


9 Girls North (Joint Winners) Rachel Kincaid and Verity Lobina


10 Girls (Joint Winners) Emma Bracey and Scarlett Robb


11 Girls North Ruby Littlechild


12 Girls South Ava Rose


13 Girls North Ruby Tickner


13 Girls South Littlechild


14 Girls Zoe Cowan


15 Girls Anna Gifford


16 Girls Ffion Williams


17 Girls Sophie Hegerty


18 Girls (Joint Winners) Kate Chamberlain and Isabelle Poole




8 East Bailey Fennel


8 North (Joint Winners) Leo Antcliffe and Noah Fox


8 South Finlay Seabrook


8 West Bertie Bachmann


9 Central Eddie Hearn


9 East Tom Luckhurst


9 Romans Lucas Scott


9 South Daniel Tiffen


9 West Ben Burt


10 Central Jayden Nevers-Wright


10 East Samuel Philpot


10 North Matthew Baker


10 Orient Alfie Long


10 South Jacob Thomas


10 West Toby Short


11 Arrows Jake Lee


11 Central Stephen Tchoudi


11 East Asa Stewart-Harris


11 Orient Desidiro


11 Romans Tom Bailey


11 South James Beasley


11 Spartans (Joint Winners) Eduardo Costa and Isaam Jamil


11 West Matthew Gosling


12 Boreal Charlie Gunthardt


12 Central (Joint Winners) Jack Bromwich and Matthew Penfold


12 Orient Archie Bentley


12 South (Joint Winners) Cameron Choudhury and Alex Duffy


12 Victoria Alex Strazza


12 West Archie Connolly


13 East Wesley Mudziviri


13 North Ben Freestone


13 South Mackenzie Gibson


13 West Caleb Ezequiel


14 Boreal Tom Durrant


14 East Yellow Finlay Thomas


14 North (Joint Winners) Andrew Gentle and Tyler Cadiou-McCarthy


14 South Tyler Channer


15 Central Jack Percy


15 East Anton Sahota


15 North Sam Parker


15 Orient Tom Cox


15 South (Joint Winners) Louis Baker-Madec, Kyle Rogers


15 West Sam Pollard


16 East Ben Spencer


16 EJA Thomas Geller


18 North Ben Dimmock


18 Orient Matt Turner


18 South Scott Gentle


Disability Young Player of the Year Chris Thomas


Disability Junior Player of the Year (Joint Winners) Tom Christmas and Billy Edmunds

Now we move on to the players who have played over 100 games for the Club and their special Awards were presented by Mr Nick Perchard of the Premier League (2nd session) and the Club's Patron Annie Brewster (3rd session). 

Well here we go and well done to all these players for making over 100 appearances for the St Albans City Youth FC;  William Austin, Dan Augustine, Oscar Bell, William Bennett, Matthew Bleakley, Thomas Boca-Mapp, Mustaqim Boksh, Jamie Breen, Kate Chamberlain, Thomas Couling, Henry Cousins, Dennis Cranwick, Noor Dajani, Zak Davies, Thomas Dodd, Martin Flore, Ben Freestone, Daniel Gant, Laura Gifford, Melissa Godino, Tom Griffiths Alex Hails, Jonathan Hargreaves, Jamie Hilton, Archie Hobbs, Kai Hobbs, Eleanor Jenkins, Harry Jenkins, Morgan Jones, Eleanor Keating, Luka Kershaw, Joshua Killick, Hannah Martin Tom Merritt, Nico Mohan, Lucas Osborne, Charlie Parks, Jack Raffo, Freddie Roe, Matthew Small, Aiden Smith, Luke Smith, Ben Sommerbauer, Benjy Stone, Kai Takahashi, Finley Tetlow, Billy Todd, Isobel Todd, Joe Varney, Sophia Veal and Nasir Zaman.

Well next up are the players who have made the milestone of over 200 appearances for St Albans City Youth FC and presenting their Special Awards was the Club's Patron Annie Brewster and she was duly assisted by that man of all occasions, yes you guessed it Terry Edwards. 

Now here are the names of the players; Guiseppe Basile, Robert Brown, Ben Dimmock, Nathan Gosling, Mary Leach, Joe Moss, Joshua Penning, Isabelle Poole, Elliot Smith, Tom Carmichael, James Lawrence, Billy Owen and Jarvis Wilkins.

After the speeches it was the turn of the ladies on stage and in the wings to be presented with a bouquet of flowers each and they were Mayor of St Albans Councillor Rosemary Farmer, STACY Patron Annie Brewster, Lesley Wray (Treasurer), Sandra Morgan, Sarah Kropman (Trustee & 18 Girls Manager) and Lisa Gosling.

That's all folks till we meet again next year enjoy your holidays, Terry Edwards STACY Press Secretary.

We have also published a full digital copy of the Presentation Day Programme which was the most popular ever, it can be downloaded by clicking the following link: Presentation Day Programme 2018 PDF format (9mb)

A special thankyou must go to Jim Campbell for this years programme design.