Updated COVID-19 Procedures December 2020

The FA released a document, COVID-19: UPDATED GUIDANCE ON GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL Version: 1.5 Published: DECEMBER 1 2020, late on Tuesday evening. In response to this there are some actions we as a Club must take as we return to competitive football.

Fortunately, on analysis of the new and revised Guidance the COVID-19 Committee feels that we only need to make minor adjustments to our own documents and Guidance and procedures. I am sure that will come as a relief to everyone.

1. Track and Trace Guidance update (PDF Format).

In summary this advises that the Track and Trace procedures we have had in place for Training remain unchanged.

However, for Matchday Fixtures where we welcome external teams to our facilities the Government and FA have asked that our procedures alter with greater emphasis on the NHS app. Every attendees details must still be recorded.  Please read this carefully and share it with all your players and parents.

2. Updated Guide for the Matchday COVID Officer (PDF Format).

The change in Guidance primarily reflects the above changes.

3. Updated Guide for Visiting Teams (PDF Format).

This updated document replaces the one previously sent to Visiting Teams and reflects the changes the FA have asked us to make. This should be sent to all Teams including all fixtures already confirmed for this weekend.

4. The FA’s Covid-19 Code of Behaviour (PDF Format.

The Club realises that yet again an additional burden has been placed on our vast army of managers, coaches, players and parents. Thank you all for your continued support and efforts.

The actions that we have asked you to take above are all aimed at keeping the youngsters playing football in an environment that keeps them and our wider community safe and healthy.

Many thanks for your continued support and efforts.

COVID-19 Committee

St Albans City Youth Community Football Club